Jet Lag: Prevention and Recovery Tips

A major change in time zones can mean that our bodies get very confused. You can't avoid jet lag, but by following these...

The challenge of tackling aviation’s non-CO2 emissions

Last October, the 191 member states of the United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) agree...

Student Life Hacks - How to Find Cheap Flights

There is no better time to travel when you’re in college. You have long breaks, less tests and more time on your hands....

From Cargo Door Failures To One Of The Most Reliable Aircraft – The DC-10

The DC-10 carries one of the most interesting stories in the aviation industry. From passengers viewing the DC-10 as uns...

Pilot shortage tackled – the D.A.T.U.S. plan

2017 was the safest year in the aviation history, thanks to the multiple high-tech and engineering advancements ensuring...

History Hour: Air New Zealand crash in Antarctica

On November 28, 1979 Air New Zealand sightseeing flight to Antarctica departed Auckland Airport. The flight was planned...

Smile and stay thin – life as a 60s air hostess

In 1958, Qantas began employing Japanese flight hostesses to work on the “Cherry Blossom” route to Japan. Qa...

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